Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) are specialists in one of the most well-known fields within the field of forensic nursing.  Many prosecutors are comfortable using forensic nurses to testify to the facts of a case.  However, forensic nurses are often overlooked as accessible expert witnesses.  Prosecutors can use forensic nursing expert testimony to educate the jury on the characteristics of battered individuals (to include minimizing and recanting, mechanisms of injury, and wounds) and to inform the jury why there may be an absence of injury.  Forensic nurses can also assist prosecutors by reviewing medical records prior to trial and identifying relevant portions of the documentation.

This training is designed for SANEs interested in providing expert testimony.  This class is also designed for prosecutors assigned to sexual assault and domestic violence cases who want to learn more about the effective use of a SANE as an expert witness in their cases.  Priority admission will go to those medical providers working on cases arising in Indian Country.  This class has a mock trial component, and prosecutors and a SANE(s) who work cases together are encouraged to register as a team.  Training Officers/SACs/SSRAs are invited to nominate individuals from their division or department who would benefit from this training opportunity.
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