Forensic interviewing is an interviewing process used with children for the purpose of providing evidence to the police, prosecutors, and the court in the investigation and prosecution of suspected abuse. The goal of a forensic interview is to obtain a statement from a child in a developmentally-sensitive, unbiased, and truth seeking manner. This training is designed for federal and tribal law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and social workers who have significant responsibility for conducting forensic interviews of child and adolescent victims and witnesses. Priority will be given to those individuals regularly working cases in Indian Country. The attendee will receive instruction on the latest research-based information on interviewing techniques and will be provided opportunities to develop and refine interviewing skills during interviewing practice exercises.

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2Is nominee a prosecutor, police officer/investigator, or child welfare worker?    
3How long has nominee been a prosecutor, police officer/investigator, advocate, or medical provider?       
4The nominee currently has frequent responsibility for conducting forensic interviews of children who may have been physically or sexually abused.           
5What percentage of time is the nominee assigned to investigations or prosecutions involving child physical and/or sexual abuse in Indian country?
6The nominee has not attended any other forensic interviewing class within the past 3 years         

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